Airing The Voice Of Women

Touchy Grounds Of Abortion Rights

Amongst the different issues that have been voiced out in feminist ideologies, the issue of abortions rights has been the touchiest to deal with. The simple reason is that as far as misogyny and denying women their fundamental rights are concerned, even the biggest warring religions in the world hold absolute consensus and are united. Take any major or minor world religion, unravel its theological text and you are most likely to find doctrines and commandments explicitly mentioned against abortion. The only difference is that some of these are more fundamentalist and aggressive in nature, while others are a bit reserved in their stance. Having said that, a major chunk of countries even today deny women the right to abort. And this is not just in the underdeveloped countries or developing ones; even the so-called developed nations of the world with sizeable catholic populations and right wing governments have absolutely shut down the discussion of abortion on religious, moral, social and ethical grounds.

Liberalization of Abortion Laws

It took a lot of screaming and protesting and lobbying by feminists before abortion rights were liberalized in many countries. Yet there are many others where our kin do not enjoy the same status. As women who reside in comparatively free societies, it is our duty to take part in the 28th September proceedings of the ‘World Safe Abortion Day’ and rally for the rights of like-minded but oppressed women in other countries where they do not enjoy the same basic privilege and freedom to do what they want with their own bodies and reproductive capabilities. And lest we forget, here’s a big salute and ode to all the feminists and human rights activists who had the courage and conviction to voice out protests and basically scream out themselves hoarse, just so that we as women can enjoy the kind of freedom and dignity that we do today. Most of us take this for granted without realizing that it took a huge amount of rallying, protesting and persuasion before we could even think of making it here. Kudos to womankind everywhere!